Taneko Garlic Farm

Taneko Garlic to the world!!

Hi,My name is Hironori Taneko.I'm a Garlic famer in Takko-Town,Aomori prefectuer,Japan.

I want to provide happiness with Garlic!


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Takko-Town, Aomori Prefecture, Japan

There are four seasons, it is a very beautiful place

Photo gallery is here

This place is hot in summer and cold in winter.The harsh climate makes delicious garlic.


When do you feel happy?

I think that most of people are looking for great food. When you find "The one," it may make you smile and happy.

Your mind is important for feeling "delicious."

The food itself is not enough.

I want to pursue the happiness that meals bring.

Great material is important. But,The story of the background is more important than that.

I want to challenge!

Agriculture has many possibilities.

I want to provide happiness to my friends and my customers.

I've already started to create happiness

That keyword is in the moving cross bar.

Guest House

Thanks for coming

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I want to share "delicious" to the world.

I can't send my garlic overseas because of quarantine.

But, I can send black garlic, which is processed, very sweet and healthy,

although shipping charge is high.

Please contact me if you are interested!


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